Saturday, December 27, 2008

Page Cavanaugh: A One of a Kind

Page Cavanaugh with Lloyd Pratt (bass) in Doris Day film debut, "Romance on the High Seas" (1948).

The letter below could have been written by me since it's author expresses my sentiments so perfectly. I, too, have many happy memories of Page entertaining at the Bicycle Shop.

It was with great sadness I heard the news of jazz pianist-composer Page Cavanaugh's passing ["Pianist-Singer-Composer Led an Enduring Southland Trio," by Dennis McLellan, Dec. 24]. I remember him from his movie musicals with his fingers dancing along the piano keys with total ease and precise rhythm.

Several years ago, while having dinner at the Bicycle Shop, a restaurant in Santa Monica (sadly gone now), I glanced over and noticed a very dapper man at the piano, playing beautiful jazz and smiling. I soon realized that it was the one and only Page Cavanaugh entertaining everyone there. You could just see that he loved what he did, and he did it so well. That was a lovely treasure to remember for a longtime fan of his unique sound.

Frances Terrell Lippman

Sherman Oaks

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