Saturday, December 27, 2008

Green Concrete

In this age of Environmental Degradation we would hold the development of concrete buildings as one of the major reasons for the same. We would seldom find anyone associating eco-friendliness with concrete structures but all that could change now. The credit for such a reformation of thoughts should go to Studio RMA for developing the Pasadena EcoHouse.

Concrete almost to the core, it is built of recycled materials and uses SCIP i.e. Structural concrete insulated panels. These unique panels are made out of concrete shell wrapped around a nucleus of foam gutted with a lattice of steel. This binding technique gives it enough strength to build a house with large open areas. Studio RMA is awaiting LEED Platinum Certification for this innovation. Irrespective the certification been provided or denied, this creation has given concrete a greener meaning for sure.

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