Sunday, December 14, 2008

. . . "the chance to be wed by faux Liberaces, King Tuts and Grim Reapers"

Reporting from Las Vegas -- In a city launched by shotgun weddings and quickie divorces, and which offers the chance to be wed by faux Liberaces, King Tuts and Grim Reapers, there remains at least one nuptial taboo: You can't be married by an atheist.

Michael Jacobson, a 64-year-old retiree who calls himself a lifelong atheist, tried this year to get a license to perform weddings. Clark County rejected his application because he had no ties to a congregation, as state law requires.

So Jacobson and attorneys from two national secular groups -- the American Humanist Assn. and the Center for Inquiry -- are trying to change things. If they can't persuade the state Legislature to rework the law, they plan to sue.

For the truly adventurous, a Las Vegas wedding unlike any other.

A Gothic Wedding!

Envision, if you will, a fog-filled wedding chapel in flickering candlelight. Eerie strains of organ music reverberate as a hauntingly beautiful bride emerges from the mist, draped in Victorian finery. She carries a bouquet of blood red roses, in chilling contrast to her darkly handsome groom. Love eternal rings true for this couple, as it could for you and your dearly beloved.

The Grim Reaper welcomes you to join him in the Gothic Wedding Chapel. Planning on booking your wedding for Halloween? Do reserve your wedding early for our gothic wedding chapel in Las Vegas is very busy with the creatures of the night

This Las Vegas Wedding Package Includes:

The Gothic Wedding Chapel decorated into a cemetary scene with wrought iron fencing, tombstones and a wooden coffin for the Minister's entrance. Choice of Dracula or Reaper as Minister, theatrical lighting, fog, Gothic organ music, Wedding Chapel, video of the wedding ceremony, 5 Rose presentation, and 36 poses & proofs, plus live Internet wedding broadcast from our Las Vegas wedding chapel webcams for free to your family and friends .


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