Wednesday, December 31, 2008

"Bollywood Dreams" -- coming to a "channel" near you

In the Making -- Sierra Madre's Bollywood float for the 2009 Rose Parade. (click on the image to enlarge the photo)

Sierra Madre is recreating a classic Bollywood wedding scene. The bride rides in a "doli" carried by 12 men. Her groom follows atop an ornately adorned elephant. Bollywood dancers portraying wedding guests perform alongside the float to the beat of a contemporary Bollywood soundtrack.


Happy "TODAY"! said...

Hi Arthur!
nice posts.. just wanted to make a small correction.. its 'doli' and not 'dholi' on which the Indian bride is carried to her husband's house after the wedding.

Oh and a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!:-)


Arthur said...

Thanks for the correction,