Sunday, October 19, 2008

"Shine" like the Chrysler Building

Is the Chrysler Building New York City’s finest building? While many regard it as such, there are many aspects for consideration. Embodiment of the New York spirit… check. Aesthetics… check. Architectural boldness and detail… check. Endless pop culture reference… double check. Chrysler Building New York City has it all. The jury may be out as far the greatest structure in the city, but it is common knowledge that the Chrysler Building is the best skyscraper NYC has to offer. Not to mention its great location near Grand Central Station and numerous top notch New York City hotels.

Aside from the Empire State Building, this Art Deco masterpiece is the most recognizable skyscraper in Manhattan. “Visually interesting” doesn’t begin to describe the way this building magnetically draws cameras and eyes alike. Featured prominently for years in the Saturday Night Live opening credits, Chrysler Building New York City is an icon worth your time during your stay in the city.

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