Friday, October 24, 2008

"Aura" is a sculptural form

Architect Daniel Libeskind brings his talent to the heart of California with Aura. The 38-story condominium tower improves on the traditional glass block by turning it into a sculptural form. The usual flanks of regular balconies are interrupted in curves to create lost space lines that appear to be carved into the building's facade. Combined with an asymmetrical roof, a notched corner at the entrance, and a gentile slope on the opposite side, the building feels more round than trapezoidal, more organic than man-made, and encourages the viewer to reach out and touch it. The tactile sensation is reinforced by the balconies which go beyond merely providing a viewing platform. Instead, they add texture to a building that shows it's possible to take traditional elements and make them feel new again.

Built: 2007
Cost: $200,000,000.00
Designed by: Daniel Libeskind
Type: Skyscraper
Stories: 38
Maximum Height: 400 feet / 122 meters
Location: 601 Capitol Mall, Sacramento, United States

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