Saturday, February 02, 2008

Inspired Architectural Design by Calatrava

The 80 South Street Tower will be Santiago Calatrava's first residential project in the United States. The principal units of the building are 45-foot glazed cubes, each of which contains four floors of residential space. Twelve cubes are cantilevered, in steplike fashion, up the building's vertical core, which in plan is a slender concrete rectangle. The core contains the building plant, main elevators, service elevator, and emergency stair, so that usable space within the cubes is maximized. The structure as a whole rises from a 60,000 square foot base, approximately 80 to 90 feet high, which Mr. Sciame envisions as the home of a major cultural institution. The 80 South Street Tower as a whole is 835 feet high and will contain 175,000 square feet of space." Completion is expected in 2008.

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