Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Mystery of a Mansion

CHANCES are you've seen the grand entry before. And the immense hallway. You've probably seen the kitchen, the dining room and a bedroom or two. Greystone Mansion, the house designed by Gordon Kaufman and completed in 1928 as a gift from oil tycoon Edward Doheny to his son, is a versatile estate that film crews descend upon often for its opulent beauty, acres of manicured grounds and Beverly Hills location.

But there's one room in the house -- a partially subterranean, two-lane bowling alley --that hadn't made it onto the big screen until Paul Thomas Anderson featured it in "There Will Be Blood," his epic saga that opened this week about an oil prospector in turn-of-the-century California.

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Anonymous said...

my understanding is that the character Daniel Day Lewis plays in "Blood", is a composite, thinly disguised as that of Edward L. Doheny himself.