Sunday, October 07, 2007

Briton Jason Lewis circles the globe using only human power, a 46,000-mile odyssey that took 13 years.

British adventurer Jason Lewis (shown above) paddles along on the River Thames at the Meridian Line in front of the Royal Naval College in Greenwich, England. (Lewis Whyld / AP)

In 1994, Stevie Smith said to his friend, Jason Lewis: "Come with me around the world. We'll circumvent the globe like Magellan did riding the wind, but we'll do it under our own power: by bicycle, pedal boat, kayak, skates and our own remarkable feet." And thus the journey began.

The 46,000-mile (74,000 km) journey officially ended when Lewis reached the point in South West London - the same place the journey began on July 12, 1994, with his colleague Steve Smith who decided to leave the expedition in Hawaii in 1999.

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