Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Hot dog! San Jose's top eater wins contest by eating 66 dogs with buns

San Jose's Joey Chestnut won the Nathan's Famous hot dog contest today, taking the title from the Japanese competitive eater who has dominated the contest for years.

Chestnut scarfed down 66 HDB - that is, hot dogs and buns - before a throng of about 30,000 on Coney Island in New York. Takeru Kobayashi - who had previously held the title for six years straight - placed second with 63 dogs, competing despite a jaw injury.

The gorge-fest set a new record for Nathan's contest, and for Chestnut himself. Last month, Chestnut ate 59 1/2 hot dogs, besting the contest record Kobayashi set last year: 53 dogs in 12 minutes.

Shortly after the contest, Chestnut, who was draped in an American flag, told ESPN that winning the title "felt great."

"It's been held by Kobayashi six years," the San Jose State University student said. "And it comes back to the U.S. on the Fourth of July."

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