Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Fish 'n Flush

Since December, the AquaOne Company has sold 1,000 Fish 'n Flush tanks to an odd assortment of customers — despite not having spent a dime on marketing.

Bloggers who focus on home improvement, odd housewares and gadgets have been raving over the 1.6-gallon tank, which includes two aquarium aerators and a filter and retails for $299.

"You love your pet fish, but constantly neglect them…. Instead integrate them into a mandatory part of your life…. Then you can unzip, enjoy and never forget to feed your fish again," wrote Thrillist Nation.

Another happy buyer said, "It's hilarious. If guests ask to use my bathroom, I don't tell them it's there. First I hear them laughing, then they are in there flushing and flushing and watching the water go down, but not the fish,"

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