Thursday, June 07, 2007

The round bed comes full circle

REMEMBER the revolving circular bed from which the Mike Meyers' character Austin Powers proclaimed his shag-ability? Laugh if you must, but the Lazy Susan sleeper — that semaphore of swinging bachelorhood — is no longer a joke to be found solely in Hollywood comedies and special-interest hotel suites.

The latest models, available from prominent Italian furniture showrooms throughout Los Angeles, come equipped with streamlined leather headboards, custom-fitted linens and optional side pieces that function as nightstands and footboards.

Still groovy, they have found a new design niche with midcentury aficionados and space-challenged decorators.

The Transport (shown above) has a water mattress and sound and light system. The price of a mattress and base can be steep enough to induce vertigo. Revolving beds by the Italian firms Cappellini, Poltrona Frau and Prealpi typically cost more than $10,000. While manufacturers insist that king flat sheets can be used on circular mattresses, fussy folks may have to spend another $1,000 for fitted bedding.
(Alberto Frias)

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