Sunday, June 03, 2007

Not Much Punch for the Price

Sports Illustrated's list of this year's highest-paid athletes includes a trend that should make general managers a bit uneasy.

After removing athletes from golf, auto racing and boxing from the top 20, eight of the remaining 13 have never won a championship — and their price tag adds up to some $200 million.

The list includes (cue up Dire Straits' "Money For Nothing" as background music):

• Kevin Garnett — Makes $29 million but is still begging for something more: Please trade Kobe here, please trade Kobe here — uh, but not for me!

• Alex Rodriguez — Surely $28 million comes in handy when you're trying to follow in Wade Boggs' cleat prints; where is Margo Adams these days anyway?

• Barry Bonds — Sits home at night counting his $23 million and sticking pins in a Scott Spiezio doll.

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