Saturday, February 10, 2007

The Wonder of Rolling Ball Sculpture

#57 "Hangin' by the Corner part 1"
Completed January 2007
4 separate tracks, 2 inch marbles,
Hand Powered!

Watch with wonder as the mesmerizing movement of colored marbles cycle through, and change patterns within these ever moving sculptures. Having a motorized, automatic marble lift gives these sculptures a heart beat. This is rolling ball sculpture! The ball lift's mechanical energy is transfered to a rhythmic and synchronized, yet scattered and chaotic colorful mix of moving marbles. The effect makes tracking marbles more fun and entertaining! Not only does it move, but the rhythmic sound can easily be heard outside on a quiet day. This is what kinetic art is supposed to be. Rolling Ball Sculpture, simply put, is a roller-coaster made just for a rolling ball. A two rail track twists and turns it's way around, through, under and sometimes over any number of elements and surprises. The marble is the only power needed to motivate and animate these fun, living, pulsing pieces of kinetic wire art. All of my sculptures are unique and completely hand crafted. I spend many hours bending each curve, and swerve by hand, then making precise and durable welds. It's stainless steel construction is strong, and will not rust or tarnish.I bank all of my corners, using gravity and the rules of relativity to keep the marbles on the track. This keeps the sculpture uncluttered with unnecessary wire. (These are the words of Matthew Gaulden, creator of the sculpture.) For photos of more of these ingenious pieces of art and to see animations of them working, click on the link below:

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