Thursday, October 19, 2006

What a glorious day at the beach . .

Some days it seems everything is working just right. Well, today was that kind of day for me. Today as I took my daily walk down around and out on the pier I enjoyed a lot of the magic that is a part of the Manhattan Beach area.

The Cormorants were out doing their deep dives and feasting on their prey.

The Sea Gulls were soaring and basking in the sun.

The Pelicans were out on patrol . . .

and dive-bombing for fish.

The Willets and the Sandpipers were busy too and seemed to be finding an endless supply of delectables. No Dolphins today but I did see a seal cruising along regularly breaking the water as he leisurely enjoyed his swim. The fishermen were having a great day and at one point were pulling in fish about as fast as they could get their line back in the water. A few days ago I saw a fisherman who had a shark that was about three feet long that he had just caught and today some fishermen were talking about one that was caught last week that was six feet long. Someone also caught a Ray that was about 180 pounds. A visit to the pier is always an uplifting experience for me, and always fascinating. I always say: "Glorious Day: the World's O. K." and I feel so blessed.

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