Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Is this woman Marilyn Monroe ??

Yes, this is Marilyn Monroe, but the woman below says she is too -- in reincarnated form, that is. And a Malibu psychiatrist who does past-life regression therapy agrees with her. He's written a book that tells how Sherrie Lea Laird (below right), while under hypnosis, told intimate details of Monroe's life. Fair enough, but here's where it gets weird: The psychiatrist also says Laird's daughter (below left) is the reincarnation of Monroe's mother.
In some ways, Laird's account is reminiscent of the 1956 bestseller "The Quest for Bridey Murphy. "In that book, late author Morey Bernstein, who was a Colorado businessman and amateur hypnotist, wrote about placing a 29-year-old housewife named Virginia Tighe under hypnosis. At a certain point, she began speaking in a thick Irish brogue and, over several sessions, described her life as a woman named Bridey Murphy, who was born in 1798 near Cork, Ireland. These sessions garnered headlines and captivated the public's imagination — how could Tighe have conjured up such vivid details about a rural life in Ireland? How could she carry off a brogue? The fact that ensuing investigations failed to prove that Bridey Murphy actually existed in Ireland at that time did nothing to quell the public's interest. (excerpts from the Los Angeles Times/Robert W. Welkos)

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One would have to agree she looks more like